What is the role of information technology in customer relationship management?

The use of CRM technology allows the integration and exchange of information, facilitates efficient and effective interaction between an organization and its customers, allows the analysis of customer information and personalizes customer responses. CRM software can be used to automate sales and lead processes and to collect customer information in a centralized location. Traditionally, suppliers collect and maintain information about a customer and use it to make the most of their relationship with the customer. For many suppliers, “getting the most out of the customer relationship means getting the most revenue at the lowest possible cost with a particular customer or group of customers.

What's most important for CRM is that this means that the source of customer acquisition can be recorded and analyzed by comparing it to the source's customer sales data. This article presents a review of the relationships between information technology and customer relationship performance, employee user satisfaction, employee service quality, and customer satisfaction. A framework for developing the infrastructure required for an effective and sustainable relationship between the customer and the organization is presented. The role of CRM in customer service is explored based on the role of relational information processes and the use of technology in the performance of customer relations; the mediating effect of customer knowledge and the moderating effect of integrating supplies are analyzed.

Supplier Relationship Management (VRM): the emerging school of thought that incorporates the tools, technology and services that make it easier for customers to manage supplier relationships. Extensive bibliographic research is conducted to answer three research questions on the functions of information technology in the context of customer relationship management, the effect of information technology on user satisfaction and the quality of service of front-line employees and, therefore, the impact of information technology user satisfaction on the quality of employee service and, therefore, the impact of information technology user satisfaction on the quality of employee service and, therefore, So much in customer satisfaction. In this context, the VRM describes an emerging and progressive school of thought, technology, tools and services that help customers manage relationships with suppliers. It would be extremely frustrating for the customer to have to explain all previous relationships with the organization in every communication, and it can be extremely frustrating for an organization not to know who has previously spoken to a customer and what has been addressed.

Perhaps one of the first advances in customer service to emerge from the Internet is customer service via email. The relationship between CRM and IT is very similar to the relationship between a three-story sandwich and three slices of bread. Then, the data is collected and the necessary processes are carried out in the organizations' customer relations department.

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